A Goldmine of Free Photos

Todd DeSantis
Todd DeSantis

Yesterday, I reblogged a post from Mostly Blogging, which reviewed a resource for finding free legal pictures to use in your blog. As an artist, who sells photos and illustrations online, I am particularly sensitive to copyright issues. I realize that just by putting your work online, you risk having it stolen, and it has happened to me. Sadly, it’s just part of the world we live in.

However, like most people, I want to run my blogs in the most economical way possible. I create most of my own photos and images, but if I need something I don’t have, free and legal is always good. In Blogging 101, I was introduced to UnSplash, where all the pictures are free, legal, and beautiful. Here is a small sampling of what they offer.

Note: You are not even required to attribute the images to the photographer who took them, but I like to whenever its possible.

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