Textures and Patterns

Texture | Marlton ArtistI can’t explain why but I find random textures and complex patterns an enjoyable experience. I love seeing and putting both into my visual art. So much so that I frequently take pictures of things no one else would notice. There may be no composition or object of interest, but if the texture or pattern is interesting, I’ll shoot it.

Hubby has gotten used to waiting patiently while I take multiple pictures of tree bark, rocks, or a sidewalk. Maybe this is strange? And maybe it’s not really photography. I don’t know, but since it’s my camera and I take the pictures, I have a nice collection of semi-abstract patterns and textures to use in other art projects.

Here’s a small sample of my collection.


4 thoughts on “Textures and Patterns

  1. Your photos are amazing, Joan. These detailed shots make the viewers want to explore (How does it feel? Where is it?). I love photos like that – please do not stop taking and sharing them! 🙂

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