Thank You

Thank You

I’ve been honored by several bloggers over the past couple of months to be nominated for awards, and I wanted to send out a Thank You to all of you. I don’t have the time to pay them forward properly so will have to excuse myself from the process. I appreciate the thoughts though. I also appreciate everyone who has read, liked, and followed my random thoughts and images.

Hubby and I are going on vacation in a few days, and I won’t be posting my photo challenge pictures as much as I have so far. I’ll be taking the pictures but won’t have regular access to a computer for awhile. I’m honestly feeling a little burned out from social media. It’s time for a break and I’m looking forward to reassessing my goals for the New Year. Have a happy holiday season everyone and hopefully, I’ll be back in January.

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  1. Every award is well deserved. I understand your social media burnout, you’ve done a lot the past few months with the Write 31 Days Challenge and then starting this blog and your photo challenge. Praying for safe travels, rest and fun times during your vacation. Happy holidays to you and your family.

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